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List of study tips

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Set your priorities

I got first job the summer after I finished third year. I did well in school, rarely missed classes and were not going to lower the bar further. Learning has always been a priority, I never thought but I always knew that if I one day have to choose between studying and work, I will always choose the former.

It was my choice, although I know a dozen guys who have left the school in the senior years for work.

You must initially understand what is important to you and what you refuse, if circumstances force you to make a choice.

Plan your time

I largely got lucky: the first job I had a free schedule, it was not necessary to be in the office daily from 9:00 to 17:00.

Except, of course, for one: despite the free schedule, I had to do all their work on time. I never considered myself giperatidnyi person, but I always knew that you will not be able to fulfill the task in time, and no matter what it is: work or school.

Very often work and study played tug-of-war, and got something like this:

And after a few weeks in the role of a zombie who falls asleep at 3:30 and gets up at 6:30, the conclusion can be only one:

I’m a night owl, and I don’t it was difficult to engage workers and educational Affairs at night, only to Wake up in the morning was, to put it mildly, hard. After a few times I slept safely, simply because exhausted body refused to respond to the sound of the alarm clock, I realized that I needed to change something.

Remember that the health (both physical and mental) is one of our most valuable nonrenewable resources, and if you lose, you will not have to work and not to study. Put yourself on a deadline: after 23:30 only rest and no studying and work.

Initially, it will be difficult to have time to complete all the work by a certain date, but eventually (for me it took about two weeks) you will get used to and will benefit: you’ll be okay to sleep and rest and not to score neither working nor in training tasks.

Should I tell at work that you are a student and studying about what you are working

Inform your employer that you are a student, definitely worth it. Remember that the school you happen session, serious couples who do not walk, or any important event, that is, in any case, there will be times when you will need to be present at the University during working hours. Do not forget that often you are not just working in a team — you work in a team, where the error or apathy one may nullify all the efforts and achievements of the other.

But to tell the school that you work is not always the case.

Many teachers have a negative attitude to secondary employment of students, believing that it will have a negative impact on learning. Another opinion is often the teachers who work at the company and a couple of times a week are you have a relevant discipline. Such teachers can safely get off a pair, and then close the missed speeches, reports, etc.

You know the manners of their teachers before they are publicly to declare that you work, think, and will not work if this is you then side.

About vacation

About the weekend

Someone once said that “the holidays we organize ourselves”. The same can be said about the weekend.

Each of us have those moments when we realize that we are all tired, we don’t want anything and we need to rest. Ignoring such outbursts threatened by apathy and depression, so not too keen on the output not on the calendar, but make them to yourself when you feel this urgent need: take the day off work and stroll studies. Spend your leisure time as you want: sleep, walk or do what you like.

After this unplanned output you will gain strength and be able to work and study more productively.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from colleagues

There is nothing to be ashamed of. Well if you work in a Department and not an independent, unique and irreplaceable specialist. Although in any case, remember that the output can always be found. And a secret: many people love to help others so they feel their importance and usefulness.

Forget about going to work, and work — study

As soon as you crossed the threshold office, you have ceased to be Ivanov from X-41 and Peter of Y-52. You are an employee who works in the company. Once you are in University, you ceased to be an employee and became a student.

Is not necessary studies to be nervous because of work and trying for a 10-minute recess to conduct business. Not worth it at work to torment yourself learning problems. Everything has its place and its time.

Relax at work from the study, and study — from work.

Remember that you can stop at any time

You have not signed an employment contract with blood. You were not chained to the Desk at the University. It’s your life and your power at any moment to abandon all that you consider unnecessary.

Combined/combine if you work and study? Share your experience in the comments.

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