Wild Dream

Special from Honda Shadow

18 gennaio 1995

This is a reworking of the VT 600 c theme that was so much in fashion in the early 1990s.
It was presented together with the Wild Thunder at the first Padua Bike Expo in 1995.
On the right side of the bike, in plain sight, there is the two-barrel Weber 40 DCOE (carburettor originally for autos), a modification that not only boosts power considerably but also adds significant aesthetic allure. This was an innovation that was copied afterwards by other custom bike builders.
Another important innovation is the exhaust system, comprising a pair of manifolds that finish off in a carbon fibre tip. This was the first time that a custom bike used this type of set up.
Starting with this prototype, Laser, the famous muffler manufacturer, took the hint and created a two-in-one series for the VT 600.
On the rear wheel, instead of the drum brake, there is a Discacciati four-piston caliper with a D260 disk brake system. The front brake was replaced with another with a D320 disk, also actuated by a Discacciati four-piston caliper.
The accessories include a DPM advanced foot pegs, a DPM riser, drag bar handlebars, Giuliari saddle, and a DPM lateral license plate frame.