Custom with Revtech engine

13 luglio 1998

It is the beginning of a new millennium. The custom bike world is in an uproar. By now, the after-market can offer everything you need to radically transform any bike into a custom bike, especially Harley Davidsons.
We also started a new project – WHY.
Santee chassis, Revtech 100 inch engine (1600 cc) and 80 spoke x 18″ wheels.
Kodlin swingarm, Ceriani reversed shaft forks, Discacciati brake calipers, advanced HPU controls, Supertrapp manifolds, Battistinis fuel tank, and that’s just mentioning the most important bits.
Everything adapted and assembled with the care and precision we are known for.
The result? A special custom bike with a flowing line, fitted with just the most essential parts without too many flashy and generally useless accessories.
There’s no doubt: we did a very nice job on this one.