Triumph FC2

19 gennaio 2006

The expression of style and design with a double personality; this is a high level creation for real connoisseurs, who love unique bikes and the work of master craftsmen: made in Italy.
A bike with two sides to its personality:
One is soft, elegant, futuristic, almost tormented, the other clean, essential, featuring taught, dry and aggressive lines, hand wrought from aluminium with a hammer as only Ferruccio Codutti is capable of doing. Looking a little more closely at this special custom bike highlights the fine precision of Cudutti’s work. There isn’t one rough edge, nothing out of place or out of proportion. It’s hard to imagine that it was entirely created extemporaneously without any plans set out on paper.
Talent? Not just talent: here there is an intimate knowledge of aluminium and its mechanical characteristics, which his hands mould nearly at will.

Al Bike Expo di Padova che aprirà i battenti venerdì prossimo, sarà possibile ammirare anche la “curiosa” FC2, dove le iniziali FC stanno per Ferruccio Codutti suo creatore, mentre il numero 2 indica il numero di “facce” della moto…
Si perché la principale caratteristica di questa moto sono i due lati completamente diversi l’uno dall’altro: il fianco destro ha linee tese, asciutte e aggressive, mentre il sinistro ha forme morbide, eleganti e futuristiche.